Home Exterior Lighting Improves any Location

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The use of outdoor lighting improves many aspects of a property. Homes, businesses, parking lots, municipalities, and stadiums are a few places where Outdoor Lights make a substantial difference. Added lighting contributes to the length of use, attraction, safety, and security of the location. It can also lower costs, such as insurance premiums and liability expenditures.

Safety and Security

These are the most important reasons for adding exterior lights anywhere. People will see possible intruders, feel more confident approaching stairs and entrances, and be able to see obstacles. Businesses that remain open at night, such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and bowling alleys, need outdoor lighting for safety of customers and staff. Not only is lighting wise, it may also be a condition of financing, insurance coverage, or zoning laws.

Homeowners have an obligation to ensure the safety of guests, neighbors, and delivery people. Lighting is especially useful during winter months when twilight arrives at three in the afternoon. Many lights can be programmed to turn on at a certain time. Working late, evening activities, or running errands does not mean the house has to be vulnerable to thieves. Lighting is also helpful in deterring wildlife from entering the yard, going through the garbage, or damaging the property.

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Length of Use

The length of use of the yard is drastically extended with extra lighting. Swim longer, plan summer barbecues on the weekends that continue until the wee hours of the morning, or enjoy a quiet night on the swing in the garden. Placing outdoor lanterns around spaces is a wonderful way to have lighting that is easily controlled. Lanterns can be dimmed and brightened with remote controls or by choosing a design with colored glass.

Lighting does attract bugs and insects, so deciding on what type of fixture will reduce that issue is a factor. Recessed lighting on porch or backyard steps will provide enough light for safety, but not attract as many flying insects. Consider placing outdoor wall lights at high levels to keep bugs away from the table, sitting areas, and entrances.


Lights are an excellent marketing tool to attract customers to a business. Bright lights that make the logo visible from the highway will draw travelers and truck drivers. Colored lights capture the attention and curiosity of most people. They are also a way to distinguish the business from the competition. A business district downtown will have several choices for shopping, dining, and entertainment. A purple or orange hue will stand out from the ordinary lighting of other stores.

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